Native American myths – cold ones – vampires!!!

Hello zere! Today is english speaking day! On english speaking days I will translate each one of my most popular articles into ze language of english, to introduce zem to a worldwide audience.
This way I will achieve ze world domination. Har Har.

And now to my most viewed article „Indianische Legenden – Kalte Wesen – Vampire“ but translated into english:

Every day some people stumble across my blog, searching for „cold ones“, „native american legends vampires“, „vapire the cold one“ or, or, or. That is of course connected to the hype of those unspeakable vampire-books by Susanne Meier Stephanie Meyer or the movie adaptations of those.
Since all those seekers in the digital desert – who appear to come mostly from lower saxony – only find my two rants (both in german) of the first two twilight books, and may be dissapointed of that, I just type this article now as a peace offering.

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