Native American myths – cold ones – vampires!!!

Hello zere! Today is english speaking day! On english speaking days I will translate each one of my most popular articles into ze language of english, to introduce zem to a worldwide audience.
This way I will achieve ze world domination. Har Har.

And now to my most viewed article „Indianische Legenden – Kalte Wesen – Vampire“ but translated into english:

Every day some people stumble across my blog, searching for „cold ones“, „native american legends vampires“, „vapire the cold one“ or, or, or. That is of course connected to the hype of those unspeakable vampire-books by Susanne Meier Stephanie Meyer or the movie adaptations of those.
Since all those seekers in the digital desert – who appear to come mostly from lower saxony – only find my two rants (both in german) of the first two twilight books, and may be dissapointed of that, I just type this article now as a peace offering.

Update1: Maybe here you will find what you were searching for. I have searched some native american legends for vampires: LINK (in german)

Vampires (in german) are incredibly cool. Terrifying cool. Even terrifying and cool. And for the sake of peace „beautiful and/but dangerous“, as Susanne Meier Stephanie Meyer gets not tired to state in her books. But not if they glitter. If those bastards think they have to feed of our blood, they should at least have the courtesy to turn to ashes in the sunlight. Everything else is ridiculous and stupid and not cool at all.

But as said, this is a peace offering. Here some pictures of vampires:

Update2: Wellywell, the pictiures I had linked here disappeared from deviant art, as it seems. Maybe because this article generated too much traffic? Who knows.
Well, then I have to draw some myself. Might take a while.

Update3: Here my first own vampire picture:

skating nosferatu

Update4: And another one:

jolly emo-vampire

Update3: Maybe here is a site that might interest you as well: 😉

Update4: And another little clue for you: Since books and movie as well are in english language, you might find the site Bella is searching the interwebs for – if existing – most likely better, if you search for „cold ones native american legends“ or „cold ones indian legends“.
I hope that helps. If anyone ever finds those bastards of websites featured in the movie, I would be delighted to know about them.

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